Antonella Blasetti

Antonella Blasetti

What really matters to me is helping people work better and learn more, HAVING FUN.
I have lots of tech knowledge and expertise but all that is USELESS until it becomes a strength for someone else.

Broad experience in Software Consultancy and Development, also in International Projects.
Deep knowledge of Technology, with the awareness that Technology is a means, not an end; a way to build something new, communicate and improving the way People work.
Leader of the Google Developer Group for Rome, Lazio and Abruzzo.
Big expertise with DBMS/Data Science: Tuning and Performance improvement of Systems and Applications.
Json/XML, all Web Technologies, Cloud Services; Microservices, JSON, XML, Google Technologies, Open Source development, Javascript/Ajax, noSQL Databases, often with and through RADIX, our Integration tool.
Now Radix works with Angular, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Serverless, Paas and Containers, NodeJS, MongoDB. That is, there are no limits. A single and solid architecture suited for many environments. And flashing fast, too.
RADIX is based extensively on XML and JSON Technology, with many flavours of Databases.
We think that Software Development, more than ever, is a very complex activity. So the ability to understand, communicate and work with the Development Team and all the other people involved is vitally important.

Application Expertise: Automotive, Health Care, Art Cataloguing, Logistics, Real Estate Mangement. Document and Content Management
Financial and Budget Control


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