Boaz Danilov

Boaz Danilov

Strategist, Technology Evangelist, Digital Transformation Expert.

Well recognized at national level, I have served for over thirty years in a unique professional profile as a preferred strategic and management consultant, and trusted advisor to corporates operating globally, national technology companies, public sector organizations and start-up environments.

I thrive on the new and the undiscovered, combining curiosity with creativity and commercial acumen to lead large-scale technology-driven innovation and digital transformation projects. In-depth understanding of digital transformation concepts and technologies such as AI, VR, AR, RPA 5G, underpinned by well-practised change management skills, enable me to shape business operations and supply chain processes in order to maximise competitiveness and productivity. Complementary expertise in compliance, risk management and detailed knowledge of Israel’s financial industries enriches my professional offering.

Feedback indicates that my approach to managing relationships with senior business leaders, policy makers and public-sector decision-makers is both collaborative and personable. One of my core strengths is in communicating and presenting complex technical messages to non-specialist audiences, and I promote a culture of lifelong learning in order to empower others to realise their potential. Above all, I place an ethos of integrity, trust and positive pragmatism front and centre of all corporate and client-facing activity in order to enhance performance and enable solutions that meet end-user needs.

Whilst the focus of my professional career has been on digital transformation, this unique blend of expertise is easily transferable, enabling me to bring a fresh, authentic voice to organizations of all sizes and operating in all sectors. Above all, I maintain an ethical stance, and high standards of professional integrity, in every interaction. Connect with me to find out more.


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