Memi Lavi

Memi Lavi

Certified Azure Solutions Architect, entrepreneur and consultant, always looking for new ideas to make life better.
Love to work with people, like to work with software.
More than 17 years experience in Software & Cloud Architecture. Worked with the largest organizations in Israel and helped to shape some of the core systems in the country.
Proficient in modern systems architecture, with experience in Micro Services, Architectural Patterns, Architecture Review & Assessment, and much more.
Vast knowledge and experience in .NET, web development, desktop development, SQL / NoSQL, and also Java, Python and more.
Proficient in Microsoft Azure, with some experience in AWS.
Always strive to learn new technologies and methodologies.
Avid speaker and presenter, love to teach how to do it right, but as a result - gets bored quickly in presentations...
Understands that the key of a good architect, as well as a founder and, alas, a salesman, is the interpersonal skills, and not the shiny technology or amazing PowerPoint slides.

I have an online course: The Complete Guide to Becoming a Software Architect ( taken by hundreds of students from more than 50 countries.

Created and manages the Israel's Software Architects Facebook group, with more than 550 members.

Always looking for new challenges and new partners. If you're a freelance and looking for your next gig, or an entrepreneur who needs part-time income while working on your next adventure - give me a call.


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