Noa Ganot

Noa Ganot

I’m an experienced Product Executive, enabler of successful products, great teams, and growth. I work with tech companies and startups on defining strategy, roadmap and reaching product-market fit. I prepare founders and product managers for important presentations and meetings with customers, partners, and investors. I help teams create a breakthrough in productivity through their working process and methodology, and mentor product executives to up their strategic product skills. I teach and write about product management and create dedicated workshops per need.

Leading software teams and products for 20+ years, my experience crosses industries, company sizes, and product specialities. From eCommerce to cybersecurity, from 13 people to 30,000 and everything in between, I’ve been leading enterprise B2B products selling to the largest companies in the world, as well as B2C and B2B2C. Backed by a rich R&D background, I am an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Deep Technology products.


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