5 ways to stay productive during COVID-19

Itzik Rahamim
June 28, 2020

The unfortunate time of COVID 19 has affected everyone's life severely. Either physically, mentally, or professionally. It is one of the worst economic recession. But many people are using this time as an opportunity. Whenever there was a war or economic downturns in the history of humankind, we did wonders and exponentially progressed. For example, the internet and many technological advancements took place during world war II.

COVID 19 is a war for us. If we talk about an individual level, one can use this time as a golden opportunity. Many people are discovering new and innovative ways to bring productivity in their professional careers. You must be thinking about how you can grow personally and professionally in this lockdown situation and grow. Let's dive into its further details:

·       Free Online Courses:

Universities like Harvard and Oxford, tech giants such as Google, have started offering their premium online courses for free. What else can be better than this? Similarly, LinkedIn offers many courses to its users to develop new skill sets and diversify our resumes.

·       Earn Online:

No one knows when the pandemic of COVID will end. Everyone is focused on short term strategies but keeping hope for the future. All businesses have started operating online. But if you are individual and looking for a career, it is the time to explore how one can earn online such as freelance writing, graphic designing, and the list goes on.

·       Attend Virtual Workshops:

It is tough for you to spend thousands of dollars to attend any professional workshops given by researchers and companies in different countries during regular days. In these times, all such events are taking place virtually as webinars. You can attend them and listen to the speakers from the comfort of your homes without worrying about travel, accommodation, or grant to participate in any event. You can navigate the events and select more than ones that will help to polish your professional career.

·       Learn new Skills:

It is the best time to add new personal skills in your lives. For instance, you can learn a new language, practice cooking, bring more organization in your room, etc. Secondly, many of us procrastinate. We can utilize these days to update our CVs and resumes on LinkedIn.

·       Explore other streams of income:

You always wanted to work on your new venture. You tried to start a blog, a YouTube channel, wanted to learn to code but could not get free time. People get such chances once in a lifetime. It is your chance now to kickstart your new idea. It is always beneficial to develop multiple streams of income because they keep you financially independent. If you get fired or laid off tomorrow, what would you do? But if you already have different sources of earning, getting laid off cannot stop your life.  

We all are already occupied with negativity due to COVID, but we must keep our hopes alive and lookout for opportunities. We are all in it together and will strive and thrive. Please let us know in comments how you are growing yourself professionally or personally in lockdown.  

Itzik Rahamim

A results-oriented senior Project manager and supply chain Manager with eight years of experience, I successfully identify opportunities for process improvements that drive revenue growth. Diligently managing product project planning, I adeptly monitor milestone achievements and ensure timely delivery of profit generating goods. I expertly establish and track key performance indicators to develop continuous improvement recommendations. I possess a M.B.A. and am fluent in Hebrew and English.

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