Announcements from Werner Vogels Keynote at re:Invent 2020

Eyal Estrin
December 16, 2020

AWS CloudShell - Command line access to AWS resources and toolsdirectly from a browser

AWS Fault InjectionSimulator - Improve resiliencyand performance with controlled chaos engineering

Amazon Managed Servicefor Grafana - Powerful, interactivedata visualizations for builders, operators, and business leaders


AmazonManaged Service for Prometheus - Highly available, secure, and managedmonitoring for your containers

AWSDistro for OpenTelemetry - Secure, production-ready open sourcedistribution with predictable performance

WernerVogels quotes:

Eyal Estrin

Eyal Estrin

Information Security and Cloud Architect, IsraelClouds Analyst, public columnist, #CISSP, #CCSP, #CISM, #CDPSE, #CISA, #CCSK

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