How to Discover Talented Tech Employees for the Future of Work

Artur Meyster
January 12, 2021

The future of work is changing faster than ever and it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to keep up with these changes. If you are not a company that is heavily immersed in technology, adapting to the changing job market could prove even more difficult. For that reason, it is in every company's best interest to discover talented tech employees who can help your company evolve for the future of work.

You can find these employees through a few different sources. What source you use, however, will depend on what you are looking for. How much you care about training and prior experience will determine which of the following sources is the best option for your company. Rest assured, though, that there is no bad choice on the list, and that every option below produces talented tech employees. 

Tech Bootcamps

This first option is the best source for talented tech employees, assuming you do not wish to invest heavily in training and are looking for people who may have prior experience with their field. Tech bootcamps are still a relatively new form of educational institutions. They teach students everything there is to know about a certain field in a matter of months.

Students often have some experience in the field they are pursuing, and use tech bootcamps to develop new and impressive skills to boost their careers. In the past, coding bootcamps were all anyone knew, but new and exciting options have emerged for virtually any tech field.

Popular new data science bootcamps have made a field that formerly required a master’s degree accessible to all. No matter what job position you are hiring for, there is sure to be a talented professional vying for the chance to prove themselves at a dynamic and impactful company. 

Trade Schools

Moving on down the list, trade schools are a great place to source candidates who also require minimal training, but that perhaps have a broader range of skills. Unlike bootcamps, which often teach one single skill that is applicable to one career, trade schools offer a range of courses that prepare students for whatever field they wish to go into.

For example, schools such as Galvanize offer courses ranging from data science to engineering immersion. With talented graduates ready to enter the workforce in just about a year, trade schools are a reliable and steady place to discover talented individuals capable of handling complex job assignments.

Your company may have concerns regarding the number of people attending trade schools, but recent studies from The Atlantic show that trade school attendance now rivals that of traditional institutions. Graduates from trade schools are just as talented as anyone else, and this is a great place to identify some of the best talent around.

Colleges or Universities

Finally, colleges and universities are always going to be a reliable place to find talented individuals ready for the future of work. The only drawback is that new graduates typically need a fair amount of training, as most majors do not prepare students for specific careers.

If your company does not mind going through a training period, then colleges and universities are a fantastic source for finding talented tech workers. Should you choose to go down this route, consider opening entry-level tech jobs at your company where new employees can get accustomed to the work they will be performing. This way they can truly see if they will enjoy that work and stick with it. 


Finding the right talent is all about identifying who you want to work for your company and the experience level that you require. There’s no shortage of sources for identifying talented tech employees, so keeping your mind open when going through the recruitment process is always a fantastic way to discover unique talent. At the end of the day, uniquely talented tech workers are the most impressive employees any company can hope to find, and doing so should always be your top priority. 

Artur Meyster

CTO of Career Karma (YC W19) backed by Initialize Capital & Softbank, Reforge Alum, Ycombinator, Bootcamp grad

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