Cloud Adoption and how is Covid-19 affecting

Jona Apelbaum
June 9, 2020

If you ask me cloud adoption is nothing like we would have expected let´s say 5-6 years ago. Cloud was where a lot of companies wanted to go and where thinking of moving within the next year or 2.They then started to investigate what a move to the cloud would mean to their business. The amount of companies ready to move had drastically changed and was a lot less a few years later.

What is the reason for that change?  Even though the advantages of moving to the cloud where clear, the complexity of such a move is something that a lot of companies could not face themselves. They have to move application and data. Companies are faced with the choice between multiple clouds (Office365, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud etc…) where they potentially need to choose between multiple of them at the same time.  Some of the applications and data may need tostay in house while other data moves to the cloud.  

Gartner has described the decision points asthe 5Rs: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, or Replace.

MSP´s play an important role in the digital transformation and the move to the cloud. They are the trusted advisors for today companies and are being trusted with the migration of Apps and Data to the next generation platform (Hybrid-Cloud, on-prem cloud, public cloud etc..).Apps and Data are the new OIL and is what drives today MSP businesses.

Now today with Covid-19 (Corona Virus) a lot of companies are having to do more with less people and resources and understand more so then ever that they need to automate and move to the cloud.I believe that on the long term Covid-19 will have accelerated that move to the cloud. Why on the long term? Even though companies understand they need to invest they still don´t know the extend of Covid-19 and unsure whether they will be able to face an investment.  

What do you think?

Jona Apelbaum

Jona Apelbaum - Global Cloud Architect SUSE, he has a Master's degree in electronics and a specialization in medical imaging.

Jona has over 15 years of cloud / hosting experience, within this experience, he has spent more than 10 years designing clouds (public and private) for CSP, MSP and some of the most advanced telecommunications companies worldwide.

He has a great passion for the cloud and has a very wide knowledge of different technologies.

Jona was born and raised in Belgium, lives in Madrid Spain.

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