Helping Startups get started!

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February 15, 2024

Helping Startups get started!

Photography Credit: Tomer Foltyn

This week, WideOps partnered up with Google Cloud’s Early Stage Startup program for a first-of-its-kind event in the shape of a comprehensive overview of Google Cloud, presented by WideOps’ team of experts at the Google for Startups Campus in Tel Aviv-Yafo. This significant occasion served as a cornerstone in WideOps and Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting startups within Israel's dynamic tech landscape.

WideOps, a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner and the 2023 Partner of the Year in the Services category, recognizes the pivotal role startups play in driving innovation and shaping the future. With Google Cloud’s support and through the innovative Early Stage Startup program, they aim to empower emerging ventures with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive from inception to scalability.

Janina Lax - Head of the Early Stage Startups Program at Google Cloud. Photography Credit: Tomer Foltyn

The event began with a warm welcome from Janina Lax, Head of the Early Stage Startups Program at Google Cloud, setting the tone for an engaging and immersive experience. WideOps trainers then led attendees into a thorough journey covering fundamental concepts of Google Cloud services, including cloud computing overview, resource management, virtual machines, networks, storage, containers, and serverless applications.

Throughout the training, hands-on demos and practical labs helped participants gain invaluable insights into leveraging Google Cloud to enhance operational flexibility and efficiency. Moreover, the event facilitated networking opportunities and fostered interesting interactions among startups, creating a supportive ecosystem where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive.

Photography Credit: Tomer Foltyn

WideOps leverage their partnership with Google Cloud to provide customers with scalable tech solutions and unparalleled cost-effectiveness. With WideOps’ support, the optimization of the full capabilities Google Cloud has to offer allows customers to accelerate their company’s growth while greatly enhancing their workflow.

From cost optimization through cloud migration and cloud security to premium 24/7 support -  WideOps is dedicated to helping customers unlock new possibilities, drive innovation, and shape a brighter future.

For more information about working with WideOps, Google Cloud's Premier Partner, reach out at >

Photography Credit: Tomer Foltyn

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