SilverLining Podcast Episode 29: Cloud Identity Governance - understanding challenges

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November 25, 2020

SilverLining Podcast Episode 29: Cloud Identity Governance - understanding challenges

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Guest: Arick Goomanovsky

Guest title: Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Company: Ermetic

In cloud platforms, identity and permissions are the most important control that customers get to implement. Network segmentation and other traditional controls are often ineffective and access to resources is determined by a mixture of roles & policies. This mixture can become very complex and difficult to lock down. In this episode, we are hosting Arick Goomanovsky, Chief Business Officer at Ermetic, to discuss Cloud identity and access challenges, and to review real life examples of what can happen when neglecting identity and access entitlements in cloud infrastructure.

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0:00  Introducing our guest and Ermetic

2:21  Understanding Identity Governance

4:40  Cloud identity challenges

10:55 Dealing with identity challenges by adding visualization and analysis of permissions

16:30 Who are the organizational stakeholders relevant?

22:01 Examples for IAM challenges and outbreaks

22:25 Example 1: Protecting sensitive resources

26:25 Example 2: Third party access

29:49 Example 3: The visibility challenge when using SSO

31:30 Summary and final words

Link to the full episode:

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