SilverLining Podcast Episode 30: The challenges of CISO in a security company

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December 9, 2020

SilverLining Podcast Episode 30:  The challenges of CISO in a security company

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Guest: Eitan Satmary

Guest Title: CISO 

Company: Tufin


Being a CISO is challenging, being a CISO at a security vendor is even more challenging. In this episode we host Eitan Satmary, CISO for Tufin, to talk about the good and bad of being a CISO in a cyber security vendor. We will talk about CISO's ability to influence innovation and product roadmap in the company and how the transition from on-prem offering to SaaS offering changed the company's security posture.


0:00 introducing our guest

4:20 CISO in a security company:  influence the innovation team

10:30 the relationship between CISO and the sales department

12:30 the company journey of adding cloud capabilities

15:00 CISO’s first steps

20:11 Risk management considerations for SaaS companies

25:00  Summary and final thoughts

Link to the full episode:

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