Week in Review - Startup World #54

MarkeTech Group
May 16, 2021

An Israeli exit which is valued at $100M

The American Cisco acquires the Israeli Sedona, in a deal valued at $100M. The acquisition aspires to change the game: Sedona's integration into the platform of Cisco will create the world's first system, which transforms a multi-producer & multi-layered infrastructure to one network, controlled by one central body. The company was founded in 2014 and its list of investors includes Bessemer Venture Partners and Intel Capital. The company's 43 workers are expected to join Cisco Tel Aviv.

The startup which will do your manicure

Last Monday, Nimble Beauty has announced the raising of $10M, to continue the development of a robot which provides customers with full manicure treatments in their homes, based on 3D imaging. The robot scans the user's hands, learns his unique structure of nails, and activates a set of algorithms which start the treatment according to permanent steps: basic step, two polish steps and then – the final layer. With diffusing warm air, the robot also dry the nails completely.

The AI startup that raised $70M

Mythic, which develops AI-based chips for tech gadgets, has announced that it has raised $70M in its latest funding round. The startup was founded in 2012, and it uses analog technology instead of digital to develop its chips. These are the words of Mike Henry, co-founder and CEO at Mythic, about this choice: "What it really does is allows us to get essentially GPU levels of performance — those big book sized cards burning one hundred watts and costing $4,000 dollars."

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