Highlights from the key notes by Dr.Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO and Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services CEO

June 17, 2020

AWS EMEA Summit Online 2020

Highlights from the key notes by Dr.Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO

In-order to learn about cloud computing, we need to learn about cloud fundamentals.
For this purpose AWS published the AWS Well-Architected and the Amazon Builder’s Library.
Both of which are shared as free knowledge for the community.


The Well-Architected framework is a series of documents made of 5 pillars (Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability,Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization):


Well-Architected Framework

In 2018, AWS announced the AWS Well-Architected Tool,to review workloads against best practices.

AWS Well-Architected Tool

One of the industries that benefit of the cloud capabilities during the COVID19 is the movie and streaming industry.
In the screenshot below you can see the increase in streaming traffic during March 2020:


Increase Streaming

During Dr. Vogles speech, couple of customers’ case studies were introduced:

Nextdoor - a private social network for neighborhoods, which allows its members to connect and communicate about the things that matter most in their communities.

Filaindiana.it- a non-profit, for good and crowd sourced project, allows anyone to report the number of people lined up at the supermarket to create reliable estimates of waiting times available to everyone

#DoYourPartcase study - Skylab Apps and Sirqul Launch Website Do-Your-Part.com and the #DoYourPart App help flatten the COVID-19 curve 

Highlights from the key notes by Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services CEO

Andy Jassy

Amazon contribution during the COVID19:

·      Services running on top of AWS platform: Netflix, Hulu (Entertainment), Fortnite(Gaming), Zoom (Video conferencing)

·      COVID19 data sets for researchers, in-order to assist finding a cure against the disease


Announcements from re:Invent 2019:

·      Datawarehouse: Amazon Redshift RA3, Advanced Query Accelerator (AQUA) for Amazon Redshift

·      Analytics: UltraWarmfor Amazon Elasticsearch Service

·      Database: AmazonKeyspaces (for Apache Cassandra)

·      Machine Learning: Amazon SageMaker Studio

·      Customer Engagement: Contact Lens for Amazon Connect


Advice for organizations and management:

·      Hire builders - people who likes to invent

·      Organize people in small groups – engineering, builders, product managers, etc.

·      Build culture that allows people to experiment, fail and fix, in-order to move fast



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