The 3 basics for growing fast in the software field, and how we implement it at Elementor.

Mati Horovitz
Cloud Computing
March 29, 2022

The 3 basics for growing fast in the software field, and how we implement it at Elementor

The software world has 5 key advantages over other markets, that allow a fast-growing and spreading around the world.

1. Free duplicationTo make a copy of an app you don't have to pay a penny, which is very different from the world of physical products. Think for a moment about Apple who wants to duplicate an iPhone for free.

2. Export to the world easilySelling your product to the other end of the world is a complicated matter. It involves shipments, taxes, regulations, etc. In contrast, an app can be sold quickly to the whole world.

3. Free trial before purchaseFree duplication and easy distribution allow the potential customer to try the product for free before purchasing, which is the #1 sales promoter in the world. In contrast, in the physical world, giving product samples can be expensive.

4. Translation into other languagesEven in the world of digital music that also allows for free duplication, export easily, and try before purchase, your song is still naturally limited to the audience that understands the language, but in the software world you can translate your app to any language to increase the target audience.

5. Stay up to date with a monthly subscriptionIn the physical world and even in digital music, the product remains the same over time, so people will pay for it only once. In contrast, an app gets better over time. Customers usually want to get the latest version, or alternatively to use it as a cloud service. That allows for a continuous and cheap subscription model, which pays off for the customer because he gets a great product for a cheap price, and it pays off for the owner because it allows him to earn more over time.

As for the benefits of free duplication and easy export, those are built-in advantages that you don't need to invest in. But for the rest, well, these are the 3 basics for fast-growing in the software field.

At Elementor we are built on these three elements:

1. WordPress website owners can try out our free version.

2. The code we write was prepared in advance for translation, and our wonderful community has translated it into more than 50 languages​!

3. We sell a subscription at a ridiculous price of at most $ 5 per month, and for the subscription, the customer will receive support and new features all the time.

The love of our users who have built over 8 million sites using Elementor, testifies to the correct construction of the product.

So what should you do with your product? Very simple, answer 3 questions for yourself:

1. Is it possible to try your product for free and easily?

2. Is your code ready for translation? Do you translate or at least allow the community to translate the product into different languages?

3. Do you allow a cheap purchase of the product through a subscription model?

Mati Horovitz

Full Stack Squad Manager @ Elementor

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