Tune in to Redis Labs Cloud Day Series, 20th-22nd July

Cloud Computing
July 15, 2021

According to Redis Labs’ Digital Transformation Index survey, cloud is proving to be a leading driving force in digital transformation. As increasingly more companies move to software-defined business models, cloud technology offers strategies to maximize efficiency and speed up innovation cycles in order to stay competitive.


In collaboration with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, Redis Labs will be hosting their first Cloud Day Series throughout the 20th, 21st and 22nd July to share an overview of their cloud partnerships and how through each unique partnership businesses can build, deploy, and run real-time services to stay ahead of the curve.

Each session will cover what is unique to Redis Enterprise with each major cloud provider and share customer stories, use cases and demos. You will also hear from AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud themselves as they discuss their partnerships with Redis Labs; and how together their partnerships meet businesses caching and real-time database needs.


To find out more about the event series, click through the events calendar below.

Events calendar: 

Unlocking the Value of Your Data on Cloud with Redis Enterprise and AWS

Do More with Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise

Powering real-time applications with Google Cloud and Redis Enterprise

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