Using Serial console to connect to VMs

Eyal Estrin
Cloud Computing
April 7, 2021

Working with virtual machines in the public cloud, requires us from time to time to troubleshoot operating system, boot, and network connectivity issues.

In the past, when we worked locally with physical machines, we were able to login to the server console and run commands that assisted us debug problems, but how do we accomplish the same using public clouds?


The cloud providers allow us to connect to a “serial console”, login to the operating system and run commands.

Below are the various alternatives for connecting to a serial console:

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Eyal Estrin

Eyal Estrin

Information Security and Cloud Architect, IsraelClouds Analyst, public columnist, #CISSP, #CCSP, #CISM, #CDPSE, #CISA, #CCSK

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