Week In Review - Startup World #40- 24.01.2021

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January 24, 2021

Fireside Ventures’ consumer brand startups are worth more than $1B

Fireside Ventures’, a capital firm which was founded by the top-investor Kanwaljit Singh, has invested in 22 startups from the consumer brand field, which has now crossed the valuation of $1B on total market-cap. The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the firm’s businesses, which played with a digital-first approach. 

The AI startup which raised $8M

AlphaICs, an AI-based startup company which creates AI chips for Edge Computing, has raised $8M in series B round, which was led by Endiya Partners and Emerlad Technology Ventures, and included investors which already invested in the previous rounds. The four years-old company will invest the money in developing software and building system solutions to their markets.

CFO at Ihs Markit has sold shares for millions

Jonathan Gear, CFO at Ihs Markit, has sold more than 15K shares at an average price of $85 per share, which sum up to be $1.4M altogether. IHS Markit Ltd is a data & analytics provider for customers from diverse fields, and its products include economic forecasting, cost modeling and risk assessments. The company’s market-cap is valued at $36.9B.

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