Week In Review - Startup World #42- 07.02.2021

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February 7, 2021

The mysterious startup which will provide you with free money

Millions is an anonymously led fintech startup, which has raised $3M in its seed round. People who follow Millions’ twitter account are exposed to opportunities to take part in monthly games and lotteries, in which it is possible to win different prize amounts, from $100K to $1M. The delivery of free money (which is probably the investors capital) is meant to strengthen the brand and to attract customers. 

The company which is reaching space, and not only under the frame of its valuation

Astra, a rocket-building company from San-Francisco, has become the latest private startup which has reached space in the previous December. Nevertheless, it will not keep this title for much longer: Astra is going to merge with Holicity, in a deal which will determine a $2.1B valuation to Astra, which will list on Nasdaq under the symbol ASTR in the second quarter of 2021.

The startup which is invested by Amazon Air and aspire to solve delivery problems

The delivery Seattle-based startup Pandion has raised $4.9M in a seed round, which was led by an Amazon Veteran. The company’s CEO Scott Ruffin, is a former logistics captain at the US Marine Corps. Pandion provides an end-to-end solution for delivery, to meet the e-commerce market needs in peak periods more successfully.

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