Week In Review - Startup World #44- 21.02.2021

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February 21, 2021

An Israeli startup is being acquired for $156M

The Israeli startup Bridgecrew Technologies was founded in 2019, and is already the seventh Israeli company that gets acquired by Palo Alto Networks. Idan Tendler, CEO of Bridgecrew Technologies, also founded Fortscale in the past, which he sold to RSA. The purchase agreement will enable the American giant to provide developers with risk assessment and enforcement abilities during the DevOps process.

The startup which prevents hacker-attacks through organizations’ devices

Devices that are connected to systems of organizations, and which can be controlled remotely - may be played as a means to attack organizations by hackers. NanoLock Security startup aspires to prevent that with Israeli technology. Marco Rubio, Senator of Florida, has previously said that hacker attacks of this kind “should be treated as a matter of national security”. The company works with customers from all around the globe, including ones from Israel, Japan, India, the US and Europe. 

The car-sensor startup which gets public in a meaningful merging

AEye, a company that develops car-sensor systems for autonomous cars, is merging with CF Finance Acquisition Corp, and the couple is turning public with a $2B valuation. AEye itself will net $455M from the move, which will be invested in the development of its technology. Blair LaCorte, CEO of the company, has said: “We believe there will be millions of ADAS units in cars by 2025 and tens of millions by 2030”.

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