Week In Review - Startup World #45- 28.02.2021

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February 28, 2021

A brand new Unicorn: the healthcare startup which raised $105M

Innovaccer, a big-data startup from San-Fransisco, has recently raised $105M in a series D round, which was led by Tiger Global. The company is now valued at $1.3B, and the total amount which was raised altogether is $225M, from funds such as B Capital Group, Steadview Capital and M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund). The company aspires to compile hospitals and patients with time, money and other resources, with an AI-based service that will analyze data to predict the patient’s future in a more efficient way, and will prevent health problems from becoming chronic. 

Probably was not that simple: TuSimple plans on an IPO, really soon

The autonomous tracks company TuSimple has raised, according to the company, $215M in a 2019 round, which has led it to the valuation of $1.2B. The assumption is that the company has raised more capital since, but it is not willing to share its current valuation publicly at the moment. TuSimple is backed by American and Chinese funds. According to people familiar with the matter, TuSimple has signed confidential IPO papers and plans on becoming public next March. 

The Israeli AI startup which is backed up by Google’s investments arm

Nanit has developed advanced technology for baby-monitor systems, which connect parents with the health and well-being status of their baby. GV (formerly Google Ventures) has led a $25M series C round, which has also included Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), Upfront Ventures, RRE Ventures and Rho Capital Partners. The company has raised a total amount of $75M altogether since it was founded.

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