Week in review - StartUp World #9 - 20.06.2020

June 20, 2020

IBM Buys Spanugo for Cloud Security, Compliance

IBM inked a deal to buy cloud security posture management startup Spanugo for an undisclosed amount. Big Blue plans to integrate Spanugo’s software into its public cloud to help meet the security and compliance needs of its customers in regulated industries like banking and health care.

Adding Spanugo’s software to the financial services public cloud will help IBM more quickly develop a security control center that will allow customers to define compliance profiles, manage controls, and monitor compliance across their organization in real-time.

Taiwan firm sets up $70M program invest israeli startups

A Taiwanese firm has set up a new $70 million program to collaborate and invest in Israeli startups focused on digital health, cybersecurity, and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) and help them launch and expand into East Asian markets.

Innovation to Industry (i2i), a Taipei-based innovation and tech company that grew out of government-run incubators in Taiwan, launched the IP² LaunchPad which it said will provide Israeli startups with exposure, a center to launch their activities, validate their technologies and expand into East Asian markets with strong strategic partners.

Twenty five Israeli startups were selected for the program, the company said at the launch event held simultaneously in Israel and Taiwan last week. The participating companies will have access to investments starting at $200,000 in the first phase and up to $3 million at the end of the program, which will run for a year.

The IP² program is run locally by the Israeli consulting firm Healthier Globe headed by Rani Shifron.

European VC firm Pale Blue Dot plans to fund 40 ‘planet-positive’ startups

Pale Blue Dot, a newly outed European venture capital firm focused on climate tech, announced this week the first closing of its debut fund at €53 million.

Targeting pre-seed and seed stage startups, the firm says it will consider software and technology investments with a strong positive climate impact. Current areas of focus include food/agriculture, industry, fashion/apparel, energy and transportation, with plans to back up to 40 companies out of fund one.

Founding partners Hampus Jakobsson, Heidi Lindvall and Joel Larsson are stalwarts of the Nordic tech ecosystem and beyond: Jakobsson co-founded TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), which was sold to Blackberry in 2012, and is a prominent angel investor in Europe, most recently a venture partner at BlueYard Capital . Lindvall is the former head of accelerator and investment team at Fast Track Malmö, with a background in human rights and media. Larsson was previously managing director at Fast Track Malmö, with a technical background and prior fund management experience.

The Israeli start-up turning harmful wastewater into renewable energy

Major industries may be quickly striding into a technologically-advanced and smarter future, but waste disposal solutions often remain stuck in the past.

Particularly harmful and complicated-to-treat wastewater streams, produced by municipalities and food processing factories worldwide, are often disposed of via land spreading or, in some cases, dumped into aquifers and rivers.

Seeking to bring the field of wastewater treatment into the 21st century, and to embrace the popularity of circular economy technologies, Shfar’am-based AgRobics has developed a new “bio-stabilizer” technology that both improves wastewater treatment and collects biogas for energy production from the microorganism-rich waste.

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