Let's Fight Covid-19! Call for Code Competition calls for Israeli Developers to Join the effort

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April 24, 2020

Let's Fight Covid-19! Call for Code Competition calls for Israeli Developers to Join the effort

IBM, David Clark Cause Organizationin association with UN Human Rights Commission and the Linux Foundation,announced the opening of the 2020 Global Call for Code competition and invitesdevelopers ,software and hardware professionals from around the world toharness their skills and help combat Covid-19 and climate change, using opensource technologies including IBM, Watson, IBM Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift.

Besides the potential contribution of participants and winners to the environment and humanity, the competition also offers the winner a significant $200,000 cash prize.


IBM is gearing up to fight Covid-19

Since its inception, the Call forCode competition has been tackling the world's most pressing issues. The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge has been expanded this year to contain dual tracks that address the world’s reaction to COVID-19, in addition to climate change — two pressing issues that have the power to compromise our health, our planet, and oursurvival. 

Once IBM announced these issues,exceptional support began with some exciting ideas and over 1,000 registrationsfrom developers, at-risk populations, and programmers.

The competition, which encouragesthe development of practical technological applications, is being held for thethird year in a row, with the goal of implementing the technology in new waysthat can have immediate and lasting impact on communities around the world. More than 180,000 developers participated in the competition last year, creating more than 5,000 applications focused on natural disaster preparednessand aid to affected countries.

At IBM Israel, the Startup & Developer Ecosystem team will lead various activities including online Hands-Onworkshops, online collaborations with developer communities in the country, an ArielUniversity Hackathon and a Call for Code Covid-19 Day with research anddevelopment labs.

To listen to the webinar’s professionallectures (Hebrew), please click here>

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