Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #14 - 24.07.2020

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July 24, 2020

EuropeClouds Summit 2020- Call For Papers are OPEN! LAST WEEK!! https://sessionize.com/europecloudsummit/
Europe Cloud Summit 2020
EuropeClouds Summit 2020

IBM intros new security dashboard for its financial services cloud

IBM is launching a built-in security and compliance dashboard for its financial services public cloud that it says allows companies to monitor security and enforce compliance across their workloads. The dashboard is part of IBM's effort to build out the security capabilities within its financial services cloud, which is meant to help banks and ISVs meet regulatory, security and resiliency requirements while accounting for various workloads, multiple architectures and proactive security.

Microsoft Universal Print: Time to replace your printer servers with the cloud

Google may be shutting down its cloud printing service at the end of 2020, but organisations will be able to start using the Universal Print service in Microsoft 365 that was announced earlier this year and is now in public preview. The cloud printing service is designed to help Microsoft customers move to the cloud without needing to keep multiple dedicated Windows Server installations to run the somewhat cumbersome Hybrid Cloud Print. Instead, it runs entirely on Azure and uses Azure AD, with no local infrastructure required in most cases.

Phishing attacks concealed in Google Cloud Services

Cybersecurity researchers from Check Point are warning of a phishing campaign that utilizes Google Cloud Services and offers legitimate PDF whitepapers to victims that give away their login credentials. According to the researchers, it all starts with a PDF document uploaded to Googel Drive, containing a link to a phishing page. The landing page, hosted on storage.googleapis[.]com/sharepoint-unwearied-439052791/index.html, requires the user to log in with their Office 365 or organization email.

AWS launches DeepRacer Women’s League in Southeast Asia

AWS is launching the AWS DeepRacer Women’s League in Southeast Asia. The event features a race using fully autonomous, scaled-down cars that have been trained to drive using reinforcement learning (RL), and is designed to encourage women in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand to participate in technology by developing machine learning (ML) skills. The virtual race is open to participants with no prior knowledge of ML, or who want to experiment with it for the first time.

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