Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #15 - 31.07.2020

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July 31, 2020

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Europe Cloud Summit 2020
EuropeClouds Summit 2020

Google Laying Second Transatlantic Cable To Boost Cloud Reliability

Google said Tuesday it has started laying a new transatlantic cable that will speed the flow of data between the U.S. and Europe and make its cloud network more reliable by allowing traffic to be rerouted better during outages.The cable leaves New York, and splits in the waters off Northern Europe, with one leg terminating at Bude, U.K., and the other Bilboa, Spain.Google owns and operates three other undersea cables “to connect far-flung continents along the ocean floor”—Curie, connecting the U.S. and Central and South America; Dunant, which crosses the Atlantic on its way to France, and Equiano, between Portugal and two landing sites in Africa.

AWS rolls out fraud detector across Sydney region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has rolled its fraud detection managed service across the Sydney region, making it available to partners in Australia and New Zealand. The global cloud provider has made its machine learning (ML)-based fraud detection managed service, Amazon Fraud Detector, generally available.The announcement comes just two months after AWS brought it into preview for its Sydney region, alongside others. Made to detect potentially fraudulent activities online, the service can detect high risk new account creations, keep tabs on guest checkout orders and accounts that may abuse ‘try before you buy’ policies. 

Windows Virtual Desktop Gets Azure Portal and Teams Client Support

The Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service now has Azure Portal integration, plus Audio/Video (A/V) Redirect support for Microsoft Teams client sessions, Microsoft announced on Monday. Both capabilities are now at the "general availability" commercial-release stage for users of the WVD service, Microsoft indicated. The WVD service, which supports remotely accessing desktops and apps from Microsoft Azure datacenters, got commercially released by Microsoft back in September. However, some parts of it seemed to have lagged, and this week's announcement plugged a couple of holes.


Bank of America-IBM cloud collaboration lands BNP Paribas

Eight months after the announcement of the financial services-focused public cloud, IBM has "several" clients beyond publicly announced partnerships. More banks are signing up for IBM's financial services cloud collaboration with Bank of America, including French giant BNP Paribas, IBM announced Wednesday. IBM is forming a Financial Services Cloud Advisory Council to advance its cloud policy framework tailored to the highly regulated sector. It's led by Howard Boville, a senior vice president for IBM Cloud who left Bank of America this spring to join IBM. Tony Kerrison, Bank of America's current chief technology officer, will also serve on the council. 

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