Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #152

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Cloud Computing
April 9, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #152 - 31.03.23 - 07.04.23


AWS Launches ‘Critical’ New Cloud Operations Competency

Amazon Web Services is pushing partners to drive cloud cost efficiency and ROI for customers with the launch of its new AWS Cloud Operations Competency that provides skills, marketing resources and financial incentives to channel partners who achieve the competency.

Microsoft Enhances Azure Learning with Learn Rooms

Microsoft recently announced a new offering for learning Azure with Learn Rooms, a part of the Microsoft Learn community designed to allow learners to connect with other learners and technical experts with similar interests in Azure.

Google Cloud Announces AlloyDB Omni, PostgreSQL-Compatible Database that Runs Anywhere

Google has announced a preview of AlloyDB Omni, a self-managed and downloadable version of AlloyDB which can be run by users on-premises, on their edge devices and even on their developer systems.

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