Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #154

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Cloud Computing
April 30, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #154- 21.04.23 - 28.04.23


Amazon Starts Round of Layoffs in AWS Cloud Division

AWS has started laying off employees in its cloud services operation amid slowing sales growth in its most profitable division. The cuts affect workers in the US, Canada, and Costa Rica, AWS says, which is experiencing slowing growth as corporate customers looks to trim expenses.

New Visual Studio Code Data Mapper for Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft recently announced a new data mapper for Azure Logic Apps available as a Visual Studio Code extension. The mapper capability is currently in public preview. Azure Logic Apps is a cloud platform where developers can create and run automated workflows with minimal code.

Google Cloud Deploy Adds Canary and Parallel Deployment Support

Google Cloud has released canary and parallel deployment support for Google Cloud Deploy. Both features work for Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, and Anthos. The features can be combined together for more advanced rollout strategies.

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