Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #16 - 07.08.2020

Cloud Computing
August 7, 2020

Google Cloud to Advance Wipro Limited’s System, Data Processing

Google Cloud recently announced that it will now be the cloud provider for Wipro Limited’s enterprise-wide systems applications and products in data processing (SAP) footprint.

The partnership will bring SAP applications and workloads to the cloud to support over 180,000 of Wipro’s employees.

Wipro’s industry-focused solutions, with Google Cloud technologies, enable enterprises to future-proof their IT investments.

AWS announces the release of AWS ParallelCluster 2.8.0

AWS ParallelCluster is a fully supported and maintained open source cluster management tool that makes it easy for scientists, researchers, and IT administrators to deploy and manage High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters in the AWS cloud. HPC clusters enable customers to run large scale scientific and engineering workloads.

Significant feature enhancements to this latest release of ParallelCluster include support for ARM-based instances. The pcluster update command allows customers to modify attributes of a running ParallelCluster cluster.

A complete Microsoft Azure course bundle is just $30 right now, over 95% off

The cloud is now used by countless companies of all sizes and industries in order to create and deploy a wide variety of apps and services -- all through easily-accessible platforms that don't require customers to rely on expensive and space-consuming hardware.

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