Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #172

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Cloud Computing
September 1, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #172 - 25.08.23 - 01.09.23


AWS introduces dedicated local zones

AWS has introduced dedicated local zones, a type of infrastructure that is fully managed by AWS, built for exclusive use by a customer or community, and placed in a customer-specified location or data centre to help comply with regulatory requirements.

Cost-Effective Solution for Infrequent Data Access and Retention with Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier

Microsoft recently announced the general availability of the Azure Blob Storage Cold Tier, an online tier designed explicitly for efficiently storing infrequently accessed or modified data while ensuring immediate availability.

Google’s Cloud Spanner Data Boost is now generally available

Google Cloud announced the general availability of Cloud Spanner Data Boost. Data Boost is a fully managed serverless service that allows users to analyze their data in Google Cloud’s globally distributed database via services like BigQuery, Spark on Dataproc or Dataflow without impacting the transactional workflows in Spanner.

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