Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #182

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Cloud Computing
December 8, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #182 - 01.11.23 - 08.12.23


Alert: Threat Actors Can Leverage AWS STS to Infiltrate Cloud Accounts

Threat actors can take advantage of Amazon Web Services Security Token Service (AWS STS) as a way to infiltrate cloud accounts and conduct follow-on attacks.

Around 79% of ChatGPT’s enterprise customers come from Microsoft Azure-OpenAI partnership

Nearly 70-79% of enterprise customers of OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot ChatGPT are coming from its Azure-OpenAI partnership and not directly from GPT-4 or its other channels, according to UnearthInsight’s estimates sourced by Moneycontrol.

Google launches its largest and ‘most capable’ AI model, Gemini

Google is launching what it considers its largest and most capable artificial intelligence model as pressure mounts on the company to answer how it’ll monetize AI.

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