Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #183

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Cloud Computing
December 15, 2023

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #183 - 08.11.23 - 15.12.23


AWS Releases Preview of AMB Access Polygon, Serverless Access to Polygon Blockchain

AWS is offering the preview release of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Access Polygon, helping developers to interact with the Polygon blockchain, a high-throughput, low fees, EVM-compatible blockchain, so they can build scalable applications quickly and securely.

Microsoft and Oracle announce that Oracle Database & Azure is now generally available

The Microsoft and Oracle partnership is focused on giving customers choice and removing the hurdles faced when migrating mission-critical workloads to the public cloud where they can access the rich set of technology needed to accelerate innovation and compete more effectively

Google Cloud’s genAI and security integration improves threat detection and response

Google Cloud announced the general availability of its Duet AI in Security Operations. The service is designed to empower security teams to protect their organizations more effectively by harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence (genAI) to accelerate threat detection, investigations and response.

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