Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #22 - 18.09.2020

Cloud Computing
September 18, 2020

AWS announces AWS Outposts Ready:

The new program of AWS, AWS Outposts Ready, will mainly contribute to the AWS Outposts (the On-premises version of AWS's cloud) users that will be allowed to use the cloud solutions of up to 32 AWS partners, such as Trend Micro, Citrix and more.

BigID Data Intelligence Platform is now available on Microsoft Azure's marketplace

BigID Data Intelligence Platform provides Data-Management solutions, and specifically enables customers to find and classify Data. The platform is now available on the marketplace of Microsoft Azure, which means Azure's cloud users can now get easy access to it.

Tired of ZOOM? Lenovo & GCP partner-up and announce a new hardware for online meetings 

For Google meet: Lenovo and Google Cloud Platform announce a collaboration in which they will release kits of an online-meetings system. According to TJ Varghese, group product manager for Google Meet hardware - now, when businesses are trying to understand the balance between work from home and from the office - is the perfect time to make this move. Pre-orders will be available soon and conducted by Lenovo.


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