Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #25 - 09.10.2020

Cloud Computing
October 9, 2020

AWS announces Amazon Timestream general availability

AWS has announced the general availability (availability at all active centers of the service, worldwide) of Amazon Timestream – a serverless purpose-built Database which exposes Time-series data using SQL. The service provides AWS customers with the capability of moving historic Data to cost-optimal storage and keeping new Data in memory.

Meet the new Enterprise Imaging platform whose now available on Microsoft Azure

Dicom Systems Launched a new Enterprise Imaging platform on the Microsoft Azure's Marketplace, enabling Azure's customers to use the scalability and agility of Azure to design business strategies and to drive applications-development. 

An interesting partnership – GCP and EOS join forces

Through this new announced partnership between the giant GCP and EOS Blockchain, which was founded by Block.one, GCP will now act in order to increase the engagement and activity of the Open-Source application developers' community of Block.one.


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