Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #31 - 20.11.2020

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Cloud Computing
November 20, 2020

GCP Helps protecting endangered species

The Zoological Society of London descripts how its partnership with GCP helps protect endangered species, using AI & ML tools. For a few years a GCP team has been developing custom models of ML, to recognize and track endangered species from all over the world. The next level, though, is the development of tools which are recognizing sounds of gunshots in set areas, to analyse the threat of poachers. 

AlgoSec CloudFlow is now available at AWS

AlgoSec, a leading security management solutions provider of Business-driven network, has announced that AlgoSec CloudFlow, which is the Cloud Native solution of the company, Is now Available in AWS. The solution provides Enterprises with complete visibility & management of security control layers. 

Azure Hybrid Benefit is now generally available for Linux

Microsoft has previously announced the General Availability of Azure Hybrid Benefit for Linux Customers, which allows them to bring their on-premises Window Server & SQL Server licenses, as well as their subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) to Azure.

Clarabridge CX Analytics is now available in Oracle Cloud

Clarabridge is a leading provider of AI-powered text & speech analytics, and a member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN). The company has announced the availability of Clarabridge Customer Experience in Oracle Cloud. Clarabridge CX Analytics allows companies to understand customer feedback when getting it from diverse data sources, such as social media networks, emails, chats, etc.

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