Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #40 - 22.01.2021

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Cloud Computing
January 22, 2021

AWS has launched Amazon DevOps Guru

Recently, AWS has launched a new ML tool - Amazon DevOps Guru - a service used to analyze logs, metrics and events across 25 AWS resources. The service detects operation problems, creates reports and provides customers with recommendations about how to improve. The service was unveiled in the AWS re:Invent 2020, by Andy Jassy - CEO at AWS.

Trump aspires to block foreign actors from US cloud computing sources, to prevent attacks

As one of his final moves before leaving, Trump has signed an executive aimed to prevent foreign actors using US cloud computing to attack the country. The Commerce Department has been given six months to deliver new rules for the Infrastructure as a Service American providers, which will be asked to check the identity of actors more closely from now on. 

GCP has launched Product Discovery Solutions

GCP has announced the launch of Product Discovery

Solutions for Retails, made to help GCP customers from the retails field to improve their ecommerce and to provide customers with customized experience, on the first phase of their shopping journey. The service is fully integrated and based on AI & ML technologies. 

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