Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #48 - 21.03.2021

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Cloud Computing
March 21, 2021

AWS slashes the data movement prices of Amazon S3 Glacier

Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at AWS has recently announced the slash of 40 per cent in the prices of S3 Glacier, for the requests of PUT and Lifecycle in all of AWS regions. One can use S3 PUT API to store compliance directly, and backup data in S3 Glacier. AWS has written: “there are per-request ingest fees when using PUT, COPY, or lifecycle rules to move data into any S3 storage class.“ Nevertheless, these fees have not been displayed yet.

The SolarWind influence: the white house will double down the investment on cloud security

The white house has announced an executive order, by which it will double down the investment in cloud security technology through procurement, probably as a result of the actual news in the cyber attacks field and specifically the attack on SolarWind. During the conversation in the white house, it was asked if the US government considers transferring federal agencies from current cloud services to new systems, built from scratch.

An outage at Microsoft has hurt Azure’s users, and Microsoft has explained

In an outage that occurred on March 15th in the Azure Active Directory, the access to 365 apps and to Azure Admin Portal was disrupted for two hours (or more). The apology explains how a  "cross-cloud migration" operation, which aims at improving the services of Azure, might disrupt the access of organizations to services. All apps were fixed, except from "Intune and the Microsoft Managed Desktop" which might still be bugged. 

GCP announced the general availability of its Healthcare Consent Management API

The goal is to provide app developers and clinical researchers from the healthcare field with a simple way of managing the consent process of customers on private data use. The system is part of the Cloud Healthcare API offering of GCP, which is its latest update, after went on a public preview the last fall. Early adopters have uses it since, and their feedbacks helped to improve it.

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