Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #65

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Cloud Computing
July 30, 2021

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This week's news:

AWS to retire EC2-Classic

AWS has announced the retirement of the network structure underpinning its third cloud service, the EC2-Classic network underpinning the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Those that do use the service need to be on their toes, because AWS has set a deadline of 15.08.22 – after which it expects "no remaining EC2-Classic resources present in any AWS account," and all migrations to something else will be complete

IBM Launches AI Starter Kit To Deploy ML Models Faster

IBM recently launched a new machine learning, end-to-end pipeline starter kit to help developers and data scientists to build machine learning applications and deploy them quickly in a cloud-native environment.

Google Cloud launches Healthcare Data Engine

Google Cloud announced the preview of Healthcare Data Engine, a tool for healthcare and life sciences organizations that integrates and standardizes data from multiple silos, including medical records, claims, clinical trials, and research data. 

Microsoft Releases Safe Links for Teams and Other Security Solutions

Microsoft is continuing to advance its cloud-based security services with a couple of previews announced this week, plus a product release. The previews include incident information sharing between Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel, plus the ability to download quarantined files using Microsoft 365 Defender.

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