Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #66

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Cloud Computing
August 6, 2021


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This week's news:

AWS adds browser access to its cloudy WorkSpaces desktops – but not for Linux

AWS has stolen a march on Microsoft's cloud desktop plans by adding browser access to its WorkSpaces desktop-as-a-service offering. Browser access will only work for WorkSpaces running Windows. Linux users are out in the cold and AWS hasn't said when or if penguin-powered desktops will get to play.

New Cloud-based maps styling features provide more options, control, and flexibility to enhance your user experience

Google announced the general availability of Cloud-based maps styling for the Maps JavaScript API. In an effort to provide with more options and more control to help create the best experience for the users, Google cloud released new features to Cloud-based maps styling. 


 Advancing Azure Virtual Machine availability transparency

Microsoft recently shipped an improvement to the resource health experience that will enhance the information we share with customers about VM failures, with additional context on the root cause that led to the issue. Now, in addition to getting a fast notification when a VM’s availability is impacted, customers can expect a root cause to be added at a later point once our automated Root Cause Analysis (RCA) system identifies the failing Azure platform component that led to the VM failure

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