Week at a Glance - Cloud Computing #82

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Cloud Computing
November 26, 2021

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Week at Glance: Cloud Computing #82- 19.10.21 - 26.11.21


AWS Announces the Availability of EC2 Instances (G5) with NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs

AWS announced the availability of new G5 instances, which feature up to eight NVIDIA A10G Tensor Core GPUs. These instances are powered by second-generation AMD EPYC processors.


Microsoft extends 'outage mode' for Azure Active Directory to bake more resilience into cloudy services

Microsoft hopes to improve the resilience of its cloud services by extending an "outage mode" for Azure Active Directory to cover web as well as desktop applications. Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft's cloud directory which handles authentication for Office 365 and can be linked to on-premises Active Directory.


Google Cloud instances hijacked for illicit cryptomining

Google Cloud has shared that malicious actors had recently compromised 50 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instances, a majority (86%) of which were used for cryptocurrency mining. 

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