Week at a glance - Cloud Computing #9 - 19.06.2020

Cloud Computing
June 20, 2020

Slack, AWS Set to Take on Microsoft Teams

The multi-year agreement between Amazon Web Services, Inc., (AWS), and Slack Technologies, Inc., will deliver new solutions for enhanced enterprise workforce collaboration. In a statement, Slack and AWS said the duo wants to help distributed development teams communicate as well as become more efficient and agile in managing AWS resources from the Slack client. Slack will enable voice and video calling to Amazon Chime, AWS’s communications service that lets users meet, chat, and make business calls.

Slack and AWS are set to extend deeper product integration that allows interoperability so teams can manage AWS resources from within Slack channels as well as Amazon Chime chat rooms. Slack will integrate with AWS management service, forming Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM). The integration will enable Slack to harness AWS’s advanced security options, including the distribution and control of cryptographic keys.

Azure Goes Down in APAC, as Infrastructure Bottlenecks Continue to Trouble Microsoft

Microsoft Azure continues to struggle scaling up its infrastructure to meet the demands of booming workloads, a fresh outage suggests. Users across the Asia Pacific region late Sunday were frustrated in efforts to access a range of services for two hours, 40 minutes, with Microsoft forced to manually scale out backend infrastructure to ease the bottleneck.

Microsoft did not name the data centre that was the culprit; users in Australia and New Zealand appear to have been affected. The APAC Azure Outage came as Microsoft in mid-March - at the peak of the rush to WFH - told users it was throttling a range of services amid intense pressure on its infrastructure from surging usage.

Google Cloud launches Filestore High Scale, a new storage tier for high-performance computing workloads

Google Cloud today announced the launch of Filestore High Scale, a new storage option - and tier of Google’s existing Filestore service - for workloads that can benefit from access to a distributed high-performance storage option. The standard Google Cloud Filestore service already supports some of these use cases, but the company notes that it specifically built Filestore High Scale for high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

In addition to High Scale, Google also today announced that all Filestore tiers now offer beta support for NFS IP-based access controls, an important new feature for those companies that have advanced security requirements on top of their need for a high-performance, fully managed file storage service.

NZ Defence Force targets hybrid cloud in $118 million bid

The big-ticket item in New Zealand Defence Force's 2020/2021 Budget bid is a drive into the cloud to the value of $118.3 million.That will be backed by an enterprise connectivity project priced at $64.3 million and scheduled for completion in mid to late 2021.

The enterprise cloud project appears to be a product of, or at least informed by, a mysterious cloud proof of concept trial undertaken in 2018 called the "XIE platform" and involving Microsoft and Datacom. After initially refusing to answer Reseller News' questions about the project due to "sensitivities", an official information request revealed the project aimed to build a new hybrid enterprise platform to supply technical services across hosted systems, private cloud and public cloud.

The XIE platform would also facilitate plans to strengthen the organisation's cyber resilience, NZDF said.

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